BioThermal technology

BioThermal technology

BioThermal treatment

Unique concept to produce energy from mixed municipal solid waste (MSW)

BioThermal treatment is a comprehensive concept for the treatment of mixed municipal solid waste (MSW). In the BioThermal treatment the MSW is screened effectively in the front end treatment (FET) to wet and dry fractions. Both fractions are treated by a specific technology to produce maximum amount of energy.

The wet biofraction is treated in a HLAD® process and the dry combustible fraction with thermal technologies. Depending on the composition of the mixed waste, FET can produce the combustible fraction with a high calorific value which can be refined to refuse derived fuel (RDF). RDF can be utilized as a high quality solid fuel.

BioThermal treatment enables a step by step progress in the waste management development as a centralized solution. Several smaller satellite plants (FET + HLAD) can produce locally utilized biogas and their RDF is transferred to a centralized power plant.

Main advantages

  • Complete recycling of MSW -> Minimum amount of reject materials
  • High energy efficiency -> Maximum revenues
  • Application possibilities -> Step by step implementation
  • Centralized energy production -> Decentralized satellite solutions

BioThermal technology process flow