HLAD technology

HLAD® process

HLAD® process

Efficient way to digest biodegradable material and produce energy

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process in which biodegradable material is broken down by micro-organisms. The process produces biogas which may be combusted to generate heat and electricity or processed further into transportation fuels and renewable natural gas as a biomethane.

HLAD® (High Loaded Anaerobic Digestion) process is a comprehensive solution for biodegradable waste management for municipalities, industry and agriculture. HLAD® process features lower capital investment, higher biogas yield and lower residual volumes compared to conventional digestion. HLAD technology especially bioreactor dimensioning and unique mixing dynamics enables HLAD® process to have significantly higher biological load. This results in high biogas yield and complete end product maturity. All this makes HLAD® process a superior solution compared to other anaerobic digestion technologies.

HLAD® process is an efficient way to digest any kind of biodegradable materials and produce energy at the same time. HLAD® process is also able to handle a wide variety of different types of feed materials. The feed material can be for example food remnants, fats, sludge, corn, grass, manure, dung etc. and they can be processed as a single material or as a mixture. The biogas produced can be utilized as a gaseous fuel as it is or to produce electricity and heat/cool by CHP. Biogas is also possible to upgrade to biomethane to be used as vehicle fuel.

HLAD® process has been a proven technology since 1999 in Forssa city wastewater treatment plant which makes it the oldest running high loaded anaerobic digestion process world wide.

Main advantages

  • High loading rate and sufficent retention time -> Higher biogas yield
  • More biogas -> More revenues
  • Complete bio-reduction -> Less non smelling solid end product
  • Old digestion process possible to upgrade to HLAD® process
  • Flexible and reliable technology

HLAD biogas plant process flow


Reference plants based on HLAD® technology

Project Location Capacity Type of waste Year
Fumin City Biogas Plant Fumin, China 182 500 t/a Municipality WWTP sludge 2018
Kunming City Biogas Plant Kunming, China 182 500 t/a Municipality WWTP sludge 2014
Karanoja Biogas Plant Hämeenlinna, Finland 17 000 t/a Bioethanol plant consentrate 2012
Kouvola Biogas Plant Kouvola, Finland 20 000 t/a WWTP sludge & biowaste 2011
Kiimassuo Biogas Plant Forssa, Finland 84 000 t/a WWTP sludge & biowaste 2008-2010
Rayong City Waste Treatment Plant Rayong, Thailand 31 000 t/a Biowaste & municipality sludge 2004
Forssa City Biogas plant Forssa, Finland 8 000 t/a Municipality WWTP sludge 1999