Main services

Main services

HLAD Engineering Oy is a Finnish engineering company specializing in biogas technology and waste to energy solutions

HLAD Engineering Oy offers effective solutions in a wide range of business opportunities based on the experience in waste to energy and biogas projects. The company personel has over 30 decades of designing experience and a wealth of technical and business knowledge in many industrial and energy projects around the world.

The services include project management, process & plant design and consulting services to suit the customers’ needs.

  • Project management

    HLAD Engineering provides project management services that match the task at hand.

    The experts can act as a project consultant or project coordinator and offer services in engineering, scheduling and supervising the customers’ project. HLAD Engineering also performs feasibility studies and pre-engineering projects of various sizes.

  • Process & plant design

    HLAD Engineering designs each individual plant according to the customer’s requirements and needs.

    HLAD Engineering’s plant design is based on the profound knowledge of the experts in the fields of solid waste and wastewater sludge treatment, process and plant engineering, energy and power technology. The company designs all projects individually to optimize the operation of the plant to reach the customers’ needs.

  • Technology partnerships

    Innovative design and technical co-operation with skilled equipment suppliers and technology partners enables creating completely new techno-economic solutions, process improvements and development of new technologies.